Poker Income Guide is a guide for people seeking to make the most of their online poker experience with the least possible risk. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, this site will give you the most efficient strategy for earning money at online poker.

Poker bonuses are a valuable marketing tool to attract new players and to get players to redeposit. In today’s competitive market, offering poker players a bonus is a MUST for any poker room to stay viable.

There are currently more than 500 online poker rooms operating on the internet. If you’re not using all of the resources available, you could be losing lots of money. The key to making money is to take advantage of the amazing “sign-up” and “reload bonus” money that the poker rooms pay out.

The basic strategy is this: Play only winnable hands, max out the poker bonus, cash out your earnings and move to the next. But, why do the online poker sites allow this? The truth is they believe you’ll lose the bonus money and your deposit. They believe that you will become a loyal and frequent player to their site.

In terms of money, the best online poker rooms know that a typical player will lose an average of $350 per poker room. However, YOU are not a typical player. You are what the industry calls an “advantage player” or a “bonus whore”. Your advantage will be based on your knowledge of how to maximize the bonus money and when to move on to the next.

Playing for bonuses is not always easy. Each site has unique terms and requirements in order to clear the bonus. Poker bonuses can be confusing. Just because a site has a big bonus does not mean it’s better than another. We focus on only the poker rooms that are offering the best bonuses. Before signing up to a poker room, make sure you read the poker bonus offer in detail.

A lot of online poker bonuses are difficult to clear, but the ones we list are the ones that we have made sure have easy play-through requirements so that you can earn your full poker sites bonus as soon as possible.

You must remember sometimes the biggest bonus is not the best bonus and depending on which poker site, you may be better off taking one of the smaller poker site bonuses if you are going to deposit a smaller amount. Many poker sites also have generous reload offers that you can take advantage of while completing other bonus offers. So, I highly recommend starting at the first site listed and going right on down the line. However, if for some reason a bonus is not appealing to you, feel free to skip it and move to the next or jump around.

Reload Bonuses

After collecting the first few bonuses you should have a respectable bankroll. I recommend keeping at least $2,000 in your account (or whatever you decide to use) at all times. This will allow you to take advantage of bonuses that may be offered simultaneously. Always keep an eye out for reload bonuses on poker sites where you already have a registered user, and with a piece of the bankroll waiting on your account, you’re prepared to exploit any good deal that might appear.

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